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As well as punches and kicks, Kyokushin Karate also incorporates a wide range of self-defense techniques such as wrist and arm locks. Our Kyokushin Karate classes will rapidly improve your balance, coordination, flexibility, and overall fitness. You will also notice invaluable psychological benefits including improved focus and confidence.

​Kyokushin is Japanese for 'The Ultimate Truth'. This Martial Arts style has its roots embedded in values such as self-improvement, discipline, and hard training.

Kyokushin Karate is a truly life-changing Martial Art, that continues to challenge and inspire you, no matter what level you are! As the saying goes, “a Black Belt is a White Belt who never stopped”. Start your journey today!

Malvern Martial Arts also offers Children's Karate lessons so that your kids can stay fit and learn along with you.

To find out more contact us on (03) 9822 7951.

Karate is a highly beneficial sport for people from all walks of life. Learn today and become part of one of the biggest and most tightly-knit communities associated with sports.

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“You never lose until you actually give up.”

- Mike Tyson

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