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Here at Malvern Martial Arts we base our training on 3 key principles that are at the heart of everything we do: Fitness, Fun and Form. Whilst giving you a marathon workout, you will enjoy yourself and develop your skills and techniques as a Martial arts Pupil. What more could you ask for?

Looking to get fit? Want to learn self-defence? Our Martial Art classes have got you covered. There is no better way to get healthier, improve your strength, learn practical self-defence techniques and improve your confidence in a friendly and safe environment here at Malvern Martial Arts.

Because your progression is crucially important to us, we have a class schedule that consists of beginner abilities, intermediate and advanced classes. Therefore, no matter how experienced you are, there is always the right class for you here at Malvern Martial Arts.


Our boxing classes are on 3-4 times a day, during early morning, lunch and evening. With these classes being orientated around beginners, you will be taught correct basic boxing techniques in a safe environment. Classes are safe, with no contact.

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We have a great MMA programme. We will teach you the basic skills of striking, grappling, and then how to finally get your opponent on the ground and make them submit with a choke or an armbar. This is a fantastic way to learn self-defence.


Muay Thai Kickboxing classes are once times a day.  You will learn correct Muay Thai techniques including kicks, knees and elbows. Our classes are focused on striking pads to improve your fitness and technique. 


We offer a full range of classes during the day and evening. We also offer a Kata class on Saturday. Kyokushin Karate is a practical form of Karate, our classes are orientated around teaching you how to create maximum power through perfect body motion. 


Learn to masterfully dominate your opponent on the ground. BJJ is an excellent way to develop your ground skills, which are taught by our master trainers. You can catch a class early in the morning, lunch or evening.

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