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Children Karate

Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 


Empowering Children Through Karate: Physical Strength, Confidence and Teamwork 

Malvern Martial Arts is dedicated to the highest quality of martial arts training. Our trainers are committed to helping improve and develop your children’s skills. 


Children’s Karate combines fun exercises and drills to help introduce your child to the art of karate. Your child will be in a structured environment and be taught by a head instructor allowing them to receive quality learning from the very beginning.


Why choose children Karate?


  1. Physical Excellence: 

Karate develops physical strength, flexibility coordination and agility, providing a strong foundation for overall well-being and athletic pursuits. 

  1. Personal Growth: 

Children gain confidence, discipline, and respect through karate,honing their character and interpersonal skills. 

  1. Team Spirit: 

Karate is both an individual and team sport, teaching children the value of teamwork and belonging. They learn to support and be inspired by their peers.

  1. Self Defense 

Karate equips children with essential self-defense skills, boosting their confidence and resilience.




Gradings are optional

Gradings are every 10 weeks and every 3 months for the leadership and instructors program. Children have a grading test to assess their progress. It is a great opportunity for children to measure their achievements

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