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Develop the correct boxing technique as your fitness reaches amazing new levels. You will witness the increased toning of your arms and midsection whilst building a stronger core. Our boxing classes are practical and are orientated around beginners. Starting with pad work and teaching you how to slip, weave, block, and punch correctly.

At Malvern Martial Arts it's all about teaching you correct practical boxing. We aim to help you understand the importance of footwork whilst rotating your body to generate maximum power, these are only a few things out of so many that we help you achieve. 


Book yourself into our Introduction Personal training (PT) sessions with one of our master trainers! We will be able to spend 45 min preparing you up for class.

In your Introduction PT we will teach you how to wrap your hands, hold pads (targets), execute the correct technique to make you feel comfortable before attending classes. Introduction sessions cost $50 and are fully refundable back into your membership.

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“You never lose until you actually give up.”

- Mike Tyson

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