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Children Muay Thai

Every Tuesday, and Thursday


At Malvern Martial Arts, our Children’s Muay Thai classes offer a safe, friendly, and engaging environment for kids aged 8 - 16 years old. Here, they can enhance the excitement of striking pads and develop essential life skills. 


What to Expect: 

Safe and Social Atmosphere

Our classes provide a safe and comfortable space where kids can socialise and be part of a supportive community outside of school. 


Skill Development 

Through striking target pads, children enhance their speed, timing, balance, confidence, flexibility and coordination. This program is suitable for all genders and skill levels. 


The Muay Thai Program 

Our Muay Thai kids program at Malvern Martial Arts focuses on: 


  • Balance and Footwork 

We teach kids to develop good balance and footwork, setting the stage for improved agility and coordination. 


  • Coordination and Fitness

Muay Thai training promotes coordination and fitness, helping children stay active and healthy. 


  • Self Defense

Your child will learn valuable self-defense skills that boost confidence and security. 


  • Discipline and Focus

Our classes instill discipline, enhancing listening skills and overall awareness. 


Watch as your child grows and gains confidence and life skills throughout their Muay Thai journey with us.


Gradings are optional

Gradings are every 3 months. Children have a grading test to assess their progress. It is a great opportunity for the children to measure their achievements.  

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