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MMA Gym Manager


For eight years, he honed his skills in French boxing, kickboxing, full-contact, and traditional boxing while training in France. Following that, he dedicated four years to K1 before delving into a year-long immersion in Muay Thai. Along the way, he stepped into the ring for fights in both boxing and kickboxing, and for over a year, he has been sharing his expertise, teaching the art of Boxing and Muay Thai. Through more than 500 hours of personal training sessions, he has cultivated a deep understanding and proficiency in these disciplines, specializing particularly in Boxing and Muay Thai.

For personal training sessions:

  • 1-on-1 $60 for 45 minutes. 

  • 1-on-1 $75 for 1 hour.

  • Sessions for 1-on-2 participants are $45 per person for 1 hour.

  • Sessions for 1-on-3 participants are $35 per person for 1 hour.


  • Book 10 PT sessions and get 1 free for $600

  • Book 17 PT sessions and get 2 free for $1020



He embarked on his boxing and kickboxing journey at the age of 4, under the guidance of his father. Transitioning to Muay Thai at 19, he trained under the tutelage of the two-time Australian champion, Graham Weddell, and commenced competing in Muay Thai and K1 rules at 25. With 16 years of coaching experience in Muay Thai, he also delved into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) for 8 years, achieving a purple belt under Ralph Lowe. His commitment to martial arts led him to become a personal trainer at 19 and later, at 31, a qualified physiotherapist, expanding his coaching skill set.


Specialising in Muay Thai and BJJ, my personal training sessions are priced as follows:

  • 1-on-1 sessions: $80.00 for 45 minutes

  • Sessions for 2 participants: $60.00 per person for 1 hour

  • For groups of 3: $40.00 per person for 1 hour.



He has a diverse background, having worked as a high school health and PE teacher. He holds a bachelor's degree in exercise and sport science. His experience extends to being a professional fighter in both boxing and Muay Thai, with over 20 fights under his belt. He has proudly held titles such as former Victoria amateur boxing champion and former state and national Muay Thai champion. He has dedicated over two decades to training in martial arts, specifically in Muay Thai and boxing.

For personal training sessions:

  • 1-on-1 sessions are priced at $70 for 1 hour.

  • Sessions for 1-on-2 participants are $40 per person for 1 hour.

  • For groups of 1-on-3 participants, the cost is $30 per person for one hour.



He has a lifelong background in karate, beginning with learning the art from his father as soon as he could stand. For over 20 years, he has been practicing karate officially in a dojo, achieving the title of Victorian champion and securing the national second place in Kyokushin Karate. Additionally, he has expanded his expertise by delving into Muay Thai during his time in Australia. He has been coaching karate for seven years and has dedicated six months to coaching Muay Thai.

For personal training session : 

  • $50 Regardless number of participants


Specialisation :

  •  Kids training, Karate, Boxing, Muay thai



Ruslan Narels has a decade of experience teaching Muay Thai, specializing in both one-on-one sessions and large classes. He also instructs boxing for beginners and intermediate levels. Regarding his fighting experience, he has participated in 2 official matches and 2 unofficial ones held in small venue settings. 


  • 1-on-1 $65 for 45 minutes. 

  • 1-on-1 $80 for 1 hour.

  • Sessions for 1-on-2 participants are $45 per person for 1 hour.

  • Sessions for 1-on-3 participants are $40 per person for 1 hour.



He is a professional MMA fighter with nine years of experience. Over his career, he has earned several prestigious titles, including the French champion in grappling/pankration, champion of Paris in both pankration and grappling, and champion of the Grand Est/North Zone in grappling. He also achieved the position of vice-champion in a European luta livre (grappling) tournament. Notably, he has partnered with renowned fighters such as Kevin Jousset, Jake Heun, Joseph Luciano, and Benoit St Denis. Additionally, he has competed for Hexfs, a prominent organization in Australia.


  • 1-1 for $80 for 45 minutes

  • Sessions for 1-on-2 participants are $50 per person for 1 hour.



With a wealth of experience in traditional martial arts and ring-side sports, Rodny brings a dynamic approach to fitness and self-defense training. Specializing in traditional martial arts such as karate, kung fu, and tae kwon do. As well as ring side sports such as boxing, kickboxing, and muay thai. Rodny offers a diverse skill set to cater to all levels of expertise. His passion for teaching extends to both kids and teenagers, providing tailored programs that focus on technique and skill development. With a meticulous eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Rodny creates a supportive environment for students to thrive in their martial arts journey. Join Rodny at Malvern Martial Arts to experience personalized training that blends tradition with innovation, guiding you towards your fitness and martial arts goals with precision and expertise.


  • 1-1 for $50 for 45 minutes

  • Sessions for 1-on-2 participants are $40 per person for 1 hour.

  • Sessions for 1-on-3 participants are $33 per person for 1 hour.


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