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You can now learn traditional authentic Muay Thai or if you prefer just perfecting your Kickboxing techniques. Our Kickboxing classes are orientated around teaching the students very basic techniques such as footwork, defense, punching, and kicking while developing their fitness. 

The fitness level is far beyond any other type of cardio and it's something that all beginners work up to and achieve with regular training. Understanding your basic technique allows you to train in the intermediate classes where you develop your Muay Thai style further, such as clinching, knees, and elbows. After 3 months you can then take part in a grading system that allows you to go on to become an instructor. We have instructors that were trained right here, so we have a proven method of teaching. 

Our Muay Thai classes here at Malvern Martial Arts are amongst the most comprehensive and well taught in all of Australia. We welcome students from all walks of life, providing you with a motivated, safe, and friendly environment. Located in Melbourne, our Muay Thai lessons utilize the art of 8 limbs. You will punch, kick, knee, and elbow your way to a fitter and more skilled you. You're guaranteed to get a full-body workout in our Muay Thai classes, as well as perfect your technical form resulting in weight-loss, muscle toning, and practical Muay Thai skill development.


Book yourself into our Introduction Personal training (PT) sessions with one of our master trainers! We will be able to spend 45 min preparing you up for class.

In your Introduction PT we will teach you how to wrap your hands, hold pads (targets), execute the correct technique to make you feel comfortable before attending classes. Introduction sessions cost $50 and are fully refundable back into your membership.

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Malvern - Muay Thai.jpg

“EVERY PART OF THE THAI IS BLESSED OF venom, even with his bare hands he can fight ten opponents.”

- described for nai kahnomton, father of muay thai

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