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All Entries for the competition must be submitted prior to Sunday 30th May 2021. All are welcome to spectate with tickets being sold at the door for $5 per person or $10 for a family of four. This will be a truly amazing day. Click below for the application.

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We are proud to release our next MKK Tournament of 2021, on Sunday 6th June. It is a great pleasure to announce this tournament, designed to encourage up-and-coming novice fighters and build them up to the next level – exceptional fighters should not compete. Children, teenagers, and adults will have the opportunity to compete under MKK contact rules with full protective equipment. Headgear and chest guards will be provided, however, competitors will need to have their own mouth guards, hand mitts, and shin pads. This is a fantastic opportunity for kids to put their training into practice and gain experience and confidence for the future.

Please note that all one match fighters, adult fighters, and all Juniors are required to wear full chest guard, shin instep, headgear, hand mitts, mouthguard, and groin guard.

The competition will cover these categories

  • Full Kyokushin Rules – One match - No face punches with padding

  • Point Scoring

  • Light Continuous

  • Kata Division

  • Interclub Sparring – Kicking and punching

  • Interclub Sparring - Hands-only

This is a novice tournament designed to encourage up and coming fighters and build them up to the next level – exceptional fighters should not compete. 


Questions? Call us: (03) 9620 5433


“Play by the rules”

Karate Tournament

  • One Match.:
    All competitors that are taking part in the one match will wear headgear, full chest guard, shin pads, hand mitts, mouth guard, and groin guard.

  • Adult fights:
    2x 1.5-minute rounds – 1-minute rest

  • Juniors 14 and over
    2x 1.5-minute rounds – 1-minute rest

  • Junior under 14
    2x 1.0-min rounds – 1-minute rest

Karate Tournament

  • Kyokushin rules: 
    No face punches are allowed; no knee kicks to the head or front kicks to the face.
    * No grabbing
    * No pushing

  • Light-continuous rules: 
    Light body with hands and legs contact; Gi contact. Continuous, no head contact. Points will be scored for head kicks that are close enough and pulled back. 2 points scored a full win. Kicks that can’t be controlled are not allowed.

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