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We feel that your child should enjoy the classes before they become a member! That is why we offer you 1-week Unlimited classes and a FREE Muay Thai shorts and Singlet for just $50! 


When your child learns boxing at Malvern Martial Arts, they will learn correct boxing through a grading syllabus and earn a sense of achievement. At a young age, there is no contact, the lessons are more focused on developing skills such as eye and hand coordination, which will give them the speed and power as they get older.

It is recommended for both male and female children.
Must be at least 8 years old.


Malvern Martial Arts has a fantastic Boxing Kids program, where they develop good balance, footwork, co-ordination fitness and self-defence. Most important is the discipline in class that develops listening skills. You will notice your child improve awareness and self-defence skills as they progresses through our Boxing program.



Gradings are optional

Gradings are every 3 months. Children have a grading test to assess their progress. It is a great opportunity for the childrens to measure their achievements.  

General Information

Children Boxing Classes

           Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

All our classes are designed to help your child flourish in a positive learning environment. Become part of a community and socializing outside of school. Ultimately the number of benefits are numerous, and you could start your child on a journey to find a passion for sport, and add a healthy lifestyle choice to their future.

Key Benefits

Children Boxing Classes

Improved Discipline

Improved Coordination

Confidence Boost

Increased Flexibility

Become a part of a Community

Book your

child's trial


Set your child on the right path today and book a children's trial class! Here are some of the benefits your child(ren) will gain:

  • Self-confidence to avoid bullying

  • Techniques for Self-Defense

  • A fun and social activity

  • Learn from masters who have years of experience 

You can be ensured your child will be learning the proper techniques and having fun. This trial is catered to give a taste of how we structure a  children's class, therefore there is no long-term commitment.

Try now 1 Week Unlimited Karate or Boxing/Muay Thai classes for your child and receive a free Karate Gi or Boxing/Muay Thai Shorts and singlet!

Just specify which class you would like to attend, and one of our friendly staff members will contact you to confirm the booking. 


Price: $50
which includes; 

1 Week Unlimited Boxing/Muay Thai classes + FREE uniform

1-Week Trial Classes!

Children 1-week trial class: $50

Thanks for submitting!

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