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Kids Martial Arts 

Specially designed to help your child improve their self-esteem, flexibility, fitness, coordination, focus, and confidence. Age specific classes help your child progress at their pace. Our classes include Little Nippers (4-6 years old) and Kicking Kids (7-12 years old).

Kids Catch Up

For all kids, focusing on martial arts specific fitness (skipping, interval training, circuit training) while keeping it fun and exciting. It’s also a chance to catch up on anything missed during the week. Open to Little Nippers & Kicking Kids.

Confidence Building

You'll witness first hand the results of your child's hard work as they improve and master the techniques taught at our classes. With more confidence and a boost in their self-esteem, your child is likely to be happier, more optimistic and determined to tackle any challenge they may face.

Fostering Self-Discipline

Our classes emphasise the importance of focus and self-discipline, better equipping your child to set and achieve their goals, manage stress and make healthy choices in all aspects of their life even when you're not around. 

Encouraging Physical Activity

The benefits of exercise are widely known, so it's important to encourage your child to engage in sports of any kind from an early age. Your child will develop strength and flexibility while having plenty of fun at our classes. Active kids are healthier, more attentive and likely to carry the habit of living an active lifestyle into adulthood. 

Developing Teamwork

By competing against their training partners and participating in group activities, your child will experience the excitement that competition brings, as well as the value of teamwork. 

Conflict Resolution

The skills taught at our classes teach your child how to defend themselves, helping them feel safe and confident if they ever find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation. 

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