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JULY 24, 2021

Lil Champs is our Kyokushin Karate program for children under 8. In these classes, we provide a strong structure to help facilitate and measure your child’s development. Our main goals are to focus on the development of the child’s flexibility, balance, coordination, and listening skills. When developed in unison with each other, these skills will be with the child for the rest of their life. We believe all young children should be rewarded for their efforts, hence why we hold grading tests every 10 weeks. Our grading system works in a way that challenges the child in a safe, friendly environment to achieve the best results they can. In the end, all children will pass the grade, being rewarded with a new belt and personalized certificate. The grading cost is only $25 which includes all of the above.

The gradings are solely there to give your child something to work towards, resulting in a sense of achievement and further motivation to train hard. Children that demonstrate determination at our gradings often translate these skills practically into other areas such as education. Therefore, it is recommended that all children and parents attend the grading as the benefits are numerous.

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