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Let us train you and get you back in shape! 3 Personal Training Sessions a week, one-on-one. Let us give you the experience of the training journey most professional fighters go through. You are guaranteed to loose up to 10 KG in 6-weeks by following our fun, enjoyable workouts, giving you great results! Follow our nutrition diet plan, strict training regime and if you at the end of the 6-weeks if you lose 10KG or more, you will receive a full 3-Months membership for free (Valued at $520)! This will give you access to all our classes and gymnasium - 7 days per week! This all encourages you to continue training and maintaining your fitness.

Take up this challenge! Sign up now and pay a $50 deposit to secure your spot. Looking forward to training you!


*t&c apply

General Information

6-Week Challenge

           Personal Training Session is 3x a week

Each time a child achieves a new level, their self-esteem grows. They begin to realize their potential and become motivated to achieve their next goal. Parents can also help support their child throughout this journey by emphasizing the importance of attending class as well as encouraging their child to participate in karate for the enjoyment of it.

Key Benefits

6-Week Challenge

Improved coordination,discipline and metabolism

Stimulates muscle growth and promote flexibility

Unbreakable focus and concentration that leads to better grades

A boost to their self esteem and confidence


Achieve your ideal weight!

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